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Frequently Asked Question

Questions and Answers about Skylight Chapel and Events LLC

If you do not see your questions, please do not hesitate to call, or email us.
We will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

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Skylight Chapel Owner
Olga Gavrila


The chapel capacity is 99 people.


By checking the calendar availability on the website


We are kindly request that all tours are by appointment only


Our retainers are non-refundable. We strongly recommend purchasing wedding insurance.

The balance is due 30 days before your event.


We are accepting almost all type of payments. Debit/credit Card, Checks and Money Order, Zelle, Venmo.


We do not keep a cancellation waiting list, because cancellations are unpredictable. As soon as a date become available, we post it on our calendar


We have a parking sign on site. Most people come in cars / 2 to 4 to a car. If you have 99 people, there would more than likely 50 cars on the property.


Yes, we do have a ramp on the side of the building.


We have two handicap parking spaces on the side of the building. There is also a turn around. Please make sure that space is kept empty.


We do have a few vendors we can recommend.


Event setup FAQ

Skylight provides all the tables, chairs, white overlays (no tablecloths underneath... overlays hang approx. 3/4 down over the table). On the inside chairs, we provide ivory chair covers and ivory bands/sashes. White chairs are provided for an outside ceremony and any tables needed for a special ceremony such as a candle/sand, guestbook, gift, food, etc.

If the ceremony is to be inside, we have the candelabras at the front with one table with a floral arrangement. We also have the two white pedestals with green ferns. Even if the plan is to have the ceremony outside, you may want to keep them in case of rain.


We have 15 round 47” tables
7 long 92” tables
4 long 69” tables
2 long 47” tables
1 folding 46” table
2 round sweetheart 27 “tables
1 round cake 36” table
6 folding cocktail tables


Rehearsals are allowed for 1 hour and the date and time is confirmed 30 days prior to the wedding date. You are not guaranteed to rehearse the evening before your event as we may have another event taking place. We will do our best to accommodate all requests.


No items or decorations can be attached in any way to the chapel walls, windows, floors, ceiling, chairs, or outside on the deck or gazebo without prior approval. No helium balloons are allowed inside the chapel.

No rice, birdseed, glitters, silly string, indoor fog machines, indoor snow machines, taper candlesticks, or open flame (must be in a vessel 1” below the top of the container), Only the use of bubbles and white petals are allowed.

However, you are welcome to decorate the gazebo. In fact, there are some nails / hooks already there.


Skylight will provide you with a list of tables and you can check off what you need. That list will be due back to us two weeks prior to your event.

Yes, for the inside chairs only.


We went to only using overlays due to covid-19.


There is no additional charge to have your ceremony at the gazebo. However, we only provide white chairs (no chair covers or sashes)


We have a bluetooth speaker.


Absolutely, please tell you DJ to make sure they have their own personal table. We may not have the right size available for their equipment. Also, if you hire other musicians such as violinist, please make sure we know so that we can provide them with a chair.


The Host Venue will setup the ceremony chairs for outside at the gazebo.


The tables for the inside will be setup with overlays. The Host Venue will setup the tables needed for your event.


You may have a tent brought in from a company, or you may rent our two 10x10 pop-up tents. A tent at the handicap parking is available to use for a food vendor at no additional charge.


Yes, we do allow beer, wine, and champagne. There is a three-hour maximum serve time. However, a bartender service must be hired to serve the alcohol. The service must have the ability to add Skylight Chapel and Events LLC on to their insurance as a certificate holder as well as an ADDITIONAL INSURED.


The Caterer is responsible for removing all food and beverage trash from the property. The LESSEE is responsible for removing all personal items and decor debris from the property. LESSOR is responsible for the bathroom and getting ready suite trash. 


We do not have a kitchen. All food must be prepared off site and brought in trays or in pans. We do however have a refrigerator with freezer on site that is available for your use. We have a catering letter that the person responsible for bringing in the food signs so that they are prepared, and everything needed to make your event a success.


No, we are sorry, but we do not have an ice maker. We do have a freezer available with the refrigerator and it also recommended that you bring an ice chest.


You will have access to the venue at the time listed on your rental agreement.